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About Us

NedaFan Persia is an active trading and consultation Industrial and Construction equipment company which was established with the vision of exploiting the enormous opportunities that exist in the reconstruction of Iran’s industry and physical infra-structure. The company has already penetrated into various Industrial and construction fields by forming strategic alliance with numerous prominent national contractors (Public & Private), ministries, NGOs, market facilitators, to provide the most cost-effective equipment and solutions for efficient and effective implementation of projects. To better meet its customers’ demands, NedaFan Persia has been divided into two Operating Divisions, the Trading and Consultation. The Trading Division is responsible for marketing and sales of high quality Machineries. The division has its own marketing and sales groups for understanding and identifying current market needs, and identifying the best solutions through its joint-foreign alliance. The sales are conducted directly through the company orits provincial market facilitators as its joint alliance. Through its well-structure sales network, the company is able to rapidly promote the products throughout the country, by identifying the unique characteristics and needs of the local markets. The Consultation Division provides tailored solutions for construction and industrial projects through its skilled engineers and its joint-foreign alliance. The services are rendered to private and public sectors based on the project specifications and business plans provided by the client. The consultation division also assists the startup companies in provision of:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Plan
  • Appropriate financing through local & foreign financial institutions

Few of our major nationally reputable clients in the private and public sectors are:

  • Industrial / Business & Financial Services:
    • Dam, bridge, tunnel and quay construction
    • Anti-earthquake buildings and construction
    • Offshore projects
    • Oil & gas projects
    • facilitator in L/C opening procedure, commodity transport and customs clearance

Our Customers:

  • Ministries & Public Organizations:
    • Ministry of Industry
    • Ministry of Petroleum
    • Ministry of Energy
    • Ministry of Commerce
    • Ministry of Transportation
    • Ministry of Agriculture
    • Municipality of Tehran

Our Corporators:

In order to provide high quality industrial and construction machineries, cooperation agreements have been formulated with:

  • Dawson Construction Ltd. – U.K. (Provider of major Hydraulic Hammers)
  • IMT s.p.a. – Italy (Provider of major drilling rigs)
  • Fraste s.p.a. – Italy (Provider of mobile drilling rigs and truck mounted)
  • Hazeland manufacturing Inc. –Canada (provider of hydrospades for sewage network cleaning).
  • Donaldson Associates Ltd: specialist in tunnel geotechnical and civil design based in the uk.
  • ISEKI: microtunnelling Inc: manufacturers of pipe -jacking equipments located in the uk.
  • FORWARD GROUP-Russia ( manufacture of horizontal directional drilling rigs (HDD Rigs))

NedaFan Persia is currently a member of the following Chamber of Commerce:

  • Iran-Britain
  • Iran-Italy
  • Iran-France
  • Iran-Australia
  • Iran-Canada
  • Iran-Germany
  • Korea Trade Center

We also work with commercial departments of Italian, British, Canadian, Australian and Sri Lanka embassies.

NedaFan Persia is consistently looking forward to forming strategic alliance with reputable international companies to explore potential joint-local marketing activities which are mutually beneficial, in line with its corporate strategies and meet the national interests.

Kaveh Donyavi Tehrani

Managing Director

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